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Question: What do I do if my server runs crappy?

  05/14/10 04:31, by , Categories: Uncategorized

If your server is running crappy, the first thing you would do is call your support person and ask them if they made any changes, late at night, to YOUR server.

If you dont have a support person, then you need to find/semi hire, but dont pay them until you need something else done.

You need the support person, so you can have someone to blame when your customers are asking you why their email or website is not working.

Wait for the support person to fix whatever you broke, but dont admit to changing anything.

Once they have fixed your mistake, apologize to your customers and allude to some lack of intelligence on the part of your help.

Hope this clears it up for you.

Question: Where can I redeem JoeBucks?

  03/20/09 11:17, by , Categories: Uncategorized

JoeBucks are like NoBucks.

They are acumulated by doing work for Joe Smith, and subsequently not being paid.

They can only be redeemed by following the pattern of the supplier.

You request services from someone, and when the payment is due, you do not pay.

Then you have redeemed your JoeBucks.

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  04/04/08 11:30, by , Categories: Uncategorized

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