RFID - No hacking required.

09/04/08 | by [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A]

The first thing that comes to mind is WTF were you thinking?

This is what happens when non-tehcnical people, or people with intelligence suppressed by beauracracy get involved in technical matters.

Who in their right mind takes an insecure technology spec, that is meant for inventory, and puts in real information that could affect a persons life?

With RFID cards used for access, there is a physical security risk. Having your credit-card and passport information accessible by anyone with some free time, and cash to get a reader, should be a scary thought.

Would you like to purchase gas for someone until your credit card limit is reached? You may well do that, if RFID payments are available. With RFID, physical access to your information is not needed, just physical proximity. A pickpocket does not have to do slight of hand, just casually stroll through the mall, pause and look at things on the counter as people in line are checking out, all the while, gathering valuable information.

You've given such a false sense of security to Insurance companies, making them think that rfid equipped keys make cars unstealable, they will accuse you, before they accept that your car was actually stolen.

Using lawyers to stop episodes of Mythbusters, does not get rid of the fact that sensitive information is being put on RFID tags that are relatively easy to compromise with a little bit of hardware, and some software.

Please, tell me what you were thinking? Texas Instruments, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, the governments of the world? If you would like, I am available as a consultant to review and tell you when you are making blatantly stupid decisions. With some research and development funds, I am sure we could come up with something more secure.

EV - Electric vehicles.

06/06/08 | by [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A]

With the announcement from Tesla Motors of their electric roadster, I and others have revisited the state of electric cars and conversions.

It appears that the parts are available, with a few of them being expensive, and others being what you would expect.

The abundance of broken links to sites that no longer exist, make finding some information frustrating, but from what I have found, you can convert a car or motorcycle to electric power for somewhere between $3000 and $12000 depending on your resourcefulness and participation.

The average range for most conversions I found were thirty to fifty miles. The best options for range and performance are AC conversions, and they are the most expensive.

Battery options are expansive, and go from reasonable to sky-high also.

I would like to do a conversion as part of my business. Anyone out there with the funds, and the want, but not the mechanical skills?

Here's a short list of links to useful information and parts.


  • Metric Mind - AC systems

  • Grass Roots EV

  • Kta-EV

  • Cafe Electric

  • Manzanita Micro

  • DD Motor Systems

  • Sucking Amps
  • Video of MythTV streaming through Mythweb via Motorola Q9M onto a Nokia N810

    04/15/08 | by [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A]

    Here's a video of MythTV streaming through Mythweb
    via Motorola Q9M onto a Nokia N810.
    This is going out through a home consumer Cox cable internet connection.
    Running at the default of 320x240, 256k, 64k.

    mythtv - streaming through mythweb with flash video - working in .21

    04/04/08 | by [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A]

    A little bit of un-productivity enhancements to mythweb that some may
    have missed.

    If you have ffmpeg setup to be able to transcode to flash.
    Gentoo= USE="aac amr encode ogg vorbis x264 xvid zlib" emerge ffmpeg

    You need to make mythweb.pl executable if it is not
    chmod 755 /var/www/localhost/htdocs/mythweb/mythweb.pl

    Then go into the mythweb-settings->video playback, and 'enable
    video playback' and set the res and bitrates for your home internet

    You can now catch up on your shows at your desk by clicking on the
    title and watching the transcoded flash video in a box or fullscreen.

    as always, experimental feature, but works for me.....

    Carman is available for the n810!

    04/03/08 | by [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A]

    Carman is now available for the Nokia n810/800 with OS2008. Carman is an OBD-II analyzer for 96->newer automobiles. You will need a scantool connector to get the data from your car. I use an Elmscan 5 with the bluetooth option.

    An example of mobile diagnostics.

    (Wife and husband driving in west Omaha.)

    Wife : My check engine light is on.
    Husband: (looking off into the distance)
    Wife : My check engine light is on!
    Husband: huh? oh ok.

    The husband pulls his Nokia n810 from an inner jacket pocket, plugs in the Elmscan 5 connector into the BMW 740I's diagnostic port.

    Wife : What do you want to eat?
    Husband: Number 1 combo with a Root Beer.

    The husband brings up Carman on the n810, finds that there is an emissions code stored in the BMW's computer, and clears it using the function in Carman.

    Husband: Did you fill up your car recently?
    Wife : Yes. Hey the check engine light is out.
    Husband: Yes, I cleared it, how low do you let your car get before your put gas in it?
    Wife : I dont know, I've been busy.
    Husband: Ok, where are the straws?

    BMW drives off into the sunset..........

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