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TSB #01-06-01-011I - Excessive oil consumption and faith in GM

  08/30/16 14:41, by , Categories: main
My history is one of many Chevrolet cars and trucks. With new ones including an S10, Z71, Tahoe, Venture, Trailblazer SS, and 2010 Camaro.

My 2010 Camaro has been my daily driver since December of 2009, with my 1997 Z71 that I also bought new, as a backup.

My concern is with the next one though. With the evolution of TSB #01-06-01-011I, from other TSB's that I've read. It seems as though it went from oil consumption as a problem at 1qt/2k miles, with instructions to fix, to re-labelling it as a new normal.

That would mean that in my 2010 Camaro, which is driven on average 250 miles a week, with road trips in between, should be needing 1 quart of oil added every other month, since I've owned it.  Though at 82,000 miles, I have never added more than 1/2qt at an oil change.

In documenting a friends issue with his ZL1 Camaro, his oil consumption is around 1qt/1800 miles. Which would be approximately 6qts of oil burned between oil changes, based on an average of 8-10k miles with the GM oil monitoring system. Though this goes against the media that GM has put out which stresses less oil used. In the average Chevy engine, all of the oil would have been replaced during driving or in the 8qt LS3, nearly all.

If I buy a new Corvette for my next car, how can I have confidence in the performance of a car that burns through that much oil, and a Dealership like Gregg Young Chevrolet will tell me that it's normal. Without diagnosing the problem with the ZL1, Gregg Young has:

1. Replaced pistons and rings.

2. Replaced the engine.

3. Refuse to continue towards a solution with the issue, and contact other dealerships to refuse to diagnose the car.

    they asked for the page to be removed, and no negative reviews posted. Then they would take the car, and diagnose the issue with oil consumption.

Their resolution was to give the customer TSB #  01-06-01-011I Oct 27,2015,

and for the service manager Pat to say that 1qt/500 miles would be ok.

I see this whole path events as either fraud against GM by Gregg Young Chevrolet's service department, or and admission of incompetence in their diagnostic ability.

So, can someone explain to me, how I am supposed to continue to have confidence in GM products, when it has been illustrated to me that if I need to use the Warranty, I will be denied, or dismissed by the very dealer network that is supposed to support the product?

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