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Swackhamer for president, 2016.

  05/08/16 17:37, by , Categories: main
It's that time again, when people go out and pretend to vote for president.

You should just write me in, when you vote for President.

I would never get old when there is an event, or a situation, and someone says "It's hammer time."

I will never say "I approved this message", well beyond saying I will never say it, because it doesn't make sense, and anyone who adds that, is a mindless drone following rules that don't make sense.

I would also not talk about Minimum wage, because you shouldn't get excited about $15/hr. You should want to make more, and work to get more.

How do people get caught up in the same arguments, talking about the same topics, every election cycle, for decade after decade?
How do you stand behind people that Lie and change their postions based on who they are talking to at the time?
Don't you think that it should be Hammer time?
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