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A look inside the ZL1 LSA with less than 10k miles, using 1qt of oil every 600 miles.

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Here's a video using an endoscope to look inside the cylinder of 2013 ZL1 Camaro. This car used 1qt of oil every 1800 miles when the current owner purchased it, at around 14k miles. Then Gregg Young Chevrolet in Omaha, NE replaced the pistons/rings. O… more »

TSB #01-06-01-011I - Excessive oil consumption and faith in GM

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My history is one of many Chevrolet cars and trucks. With new ones including an S10, Z71, Tahoe, Venture, Trailblazer SS, and 2010 Camaro. My 2010 Camaro has been my daily driver since December of 2009, with my 1997 Z71 that I also bought new, as a b… more »

Batman vs Superman desk is done.

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If you build a Deadpool desk for a Deadpool themed room, then you have to build a Batman vs Superman desk for a Batman themed room, with a kid who likes Batman and Superman, right? This one is the same type steel frame as the Deadpool desk, using recyc… more »

2016 Elections and Conventions, DNC, RNC, both DNR.

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Democrats build walls and security around themselves, but say if you do it around the country, you're racist, because 'illegal' is a race when it's politically benificial to them.  There's only one race on this planet. Humans. If you say there are mor… more »

Deadpool desk, finally done....

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Or..... as done as it's going to be. Everything is a learning experience. If everything works the first time, you'll never learn how to react when things go wrong. The project is complete, because at some point, you have to tell yourself, "Stop fuckin… more »

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