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Deadpool desk build.

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Since one of the boys has a Deadpool themed room, and needed a desk, I had an idea.

There were bags of concrete in the garage, and I was sure I could get some scrap steel, somewhere.

I searched through the scrap wood, and cut/screwed together a mold for the concrete.

Mixed, poured, and waited............

Two 11-yr olds, and myself, carried the 160+lbs of concrete and wood to the backyard from the garage, to begin finishing the build, with a few pauses along the way for them to rest.

The mold was lined with Plasti-Dip, and caulked, so the concrete came out pretty well, but part of it leaked internally, so it pulled out some of the moisture. I had to use QuickCrete concrete patcher to rebuild/fix the detail.

Then sealed with paint.

The steel showed up from a shipping crate for a four-post lift, and an old project from someone else. 

Some of the measurments were correct without cutting, almost as if the universe wanted it to be built.

After the black dried, I masked/painted the ..... mask......using glow in the dark paint for the eyes.

I cut plywood to help support the concrete underneath, and used a jack to hold it up, so I could slide the concrete over, and rest it into place in the metal stand.

The glow paint(Wal-Mart is 1/2 the cost of Lowes), went on too thick, because I was rushing, and cracked. I would either leave it, or find something else to fill it in, which ended up being glow in the dark glitter(Michaels), mixed in epoxy. 

Then several pours, with 4-6 hours in between, to fill in the detail, and bring it up to the top level.

A picture montage is out on youtube here, and here.......and here.

The initial epoxy from Best Bartop Epoxy is drying, 4 pours so far, and 1-2 more to go..............

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