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Arcade Machines

  10/03/18 08:16, by , Categories: main

Lately I've been delving into old(for those that didn't grow up with them) computers and arcade machines.

I resurrected and Apple IIe, so it can play Oregon Trail, and Zork. One of my sons actually survived the Oregon Trail.

Also on the recently resurrected list, is an Atari 400 with a bad CTIA chip. A little bit of cleaning, and searching through known problems, and now Pac Man, and DigDug are playable on a TV that's light years ahead of the original one connected.

Current projects include a Killer Instinct cabinet, which has a working board, but may have audio issues. This will be coming together in the next couple of weeks. The cabinet has been clean, the board is now booting from a CF card, but only tested for video so far. The other one I've been cleaning up is a Sanfrancisco Rush machine. It's been disassembled, the 'works but no video' game, has a board that doesn't boot, so it'll be relegated to long-term status, until I find a PCB, or repair the one I have. As time permits, I'll be sandblasting/cleaning parts and repainting.

I also have a Gauntlet Legends Cabinet that'll be coming to the front of the list, once others have been moved out.

Semi recent projects have been custom machines, converted Silver Strike bowling cabinets, an UpNDown, that was a Zaxxon cabinet, which is now an UpNDown and 60-in-1, all pluggably interchangeable.

Arcade Machine for sale: Converted Silver Strike machine.

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