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2016 Elections and Conventions, DNC, RNC, both DNR.

  07/27/16 15:30, by , Categories: main

Democrats build walls and security around themselves, but say if you do it around the country, you're racist, because 'illegal' is a race when it's politically benificial to them. 

There's only one race on this planet. Humans. If you say there are more, then you're dividing people for your own gain.

The DNC requires ID to pick who to vote for in their party, but say it's racist to as for ID when you vote.

On the other side, there are too many distractions, some talk about things that matter, and a lot of talk about things that dont.

You have a woman lawyer who breaks the law, and the current administration's law enforcement departments that ignore her breaking the law.

On the other side, you have someone who is very litigious, and gets distracted by thin skin about personal attacks.

Trump would be a better choice, as long as he doesn't get distracted about personal attacks and tiny hands.

Hillary will definately continue down the path of divisiveness and depressed growth, as she wants to take more money from people earning it, to give away to groups of people with made-up forms of 'justice'.

What happened to pioneering, independence, and helping people who need it, instead of giveaways, and coddling criminals because you dont want to offend anyone?


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