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Church of Tux - Giving PC's away again

  08/14/08 15:12, by , Categories: Uncategorized

The has given another PC to a local non-profit, and thanks all who have dropped off un-used and un-wanted equipment to refurbish and recycle. Remember that CRT's smaller than 17inches are free, and we will do what we can to support local organizations.

CRT's are free.......

  05/29/08 08:52, by , Categories: Uncategorized

Last night I was putting up a sign to go home sick, and someone from a local NP stopped by before I got out the door. They picked up four CRT monitors for their organization at no cost.

More PC's out the door to local groups.

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Two more Ubuntu workstations went out the door to a local non-profit group yesterday. Complete with mouse/monitor/keyboard at no charge. They were machines that were dropped off for recycling , because they were too slow. Additional memory, new OS(Linux) and they are plenty fast for web browsing and general office work. Thanks to all that have dropped off PC's. Helping someone work, is better than running it through a shredder.

2008 OLUG Linux InstallFest - Saturday May 17th noon-6pm

  04/28/08 09:55, by , Categories: Uncategorized

The local linux users group - OLUG - (Omaha Linux Users group) is holding a Linux Installfest on Saturday, May 17th, from 12 Noon to 6 PM at Turning Point, 3223 North 45th Street.

(from the olug site)

Please bring your Desktop PC or Laptop. A keyboard, mouse and monitor will be available for you to use.

Tired of Blue Screens on your PC or Vista not your thing? Want something different? Why not install Linux on your computer, and join the millions who already have done so. We're here to help!

On Saturday, May 17th, 2008 the Omaha Linux User Group is presenting their Summer Linux INSTALLFEST. Linux professionals and hobbyists will be available to help you install, setup, and get to know the basics of Linux. A keyboard, monitor and mouse will be available for you to use, there is no need to bring your whole setup. OLUG Volunteers will be available to help answer your questions.

RSVP here
Flyer here
More information on

Jack Wallen gets his Tux Tattoo

  04/18/08 07:53, by , Categories: Uncategorized

There is an article about Jack Wallen getting a Tux Tatoo on Techrepublic

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