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Well, Duh! Lights fixed, grill installed.

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It was one of those 'Well, Duh!' moments at the shop. I put new bulbs in the turn signals up front, and finished assembling the grill. Then, with flashlight in hand, I took a look under the rear of the truck, and found that the wiring harness for the tail lights was disconnected. I never plugged it back together after removing the bumper. Problem solved.

The rear seatbelts are in, and the MTX 5604 amp is out. I'll test the amp on the bench, re-test the wiring in the truck, and research repair or replacement.

The front seatbelt catches are bolted in, but the actual belts wont be bolted in until I find the two bolts that hold the upper portion of the belt. Once that is complete, I can wire-tie the plates in place, and run the truck over to the gas station if the price per gallon starts to go back up again.

Next up: Finish seatbelts, headliner, and start on the doors.

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