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Hail Damage and new opportunity with a 2010 Camaro.

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Hail came though on one of the few nights that I left my Black 2010 2SS/RS Camaro in the driveway, I heard it start, and ran to get it in the garage, but the damage was done that quickly. Hood, Roof, fenders, quarters, trunk lid all damaged.     I… more »

Jay the plumber. New Headers, 3inch exhaust, turbocharger.

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It seems that everything takes longer than planned, or even imagined. I spent several hours removing the rusted header bolts, oxygen sensors, and the rest of the exhaust. I put the new headers on, which are ceramic coated like the Flowtech headers… more »

Battery Isolator installed.

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I have gotten around to purchasing and installing a battery isolator. Now the PC can be left on, without fear of not being able to start the truck when needed. The unit I purchased was a BIC-95150B from Hellroaring Technologies. Another great company… more »

Chipping away at the tasks on the truck.

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I've been working through some troubleshooting issues, and other details on the truck. The battery tray for the drivers side 'electronics and accessories' deep cycle battery has been built and installed. A positive power wire has been run over to the… more »

Door panels in, getting close to being done with the interior.

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I have been working silently on the truck for a while. The door panels have the black leather inserts done, the lights replaced with blue LEDs in the switches and courtesy lights. MTX 6 inch speakers and tweeters are now in the doors. RAAMmat from RaamA… more »

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