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LinuxCNC progress continues.....

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The progress on the LinuxCNC table continues. I now have the linear slides on both sides of the X-Axis, as well as the ballscrews. I ran my grinder with a flapper disc down each side of the 4-inch wide by 1/4inch steel plates for the slides to allow an easier motion. The X-Axis moves with just pressure from one side, but should be smoother with less of a chance of 'racking' with both sides driven, given the length of the table.

The Y-Axis has been bolted in place. All of the motors now have molex connectors on them. The motor for the other side of the x-axis has been mounted.

Next up:

  • Wiring to the motors.

  • Z-Axis.

  • Install grease fittings and lubricate.

  • Install Y-Axis nut on ballscrew.

  • Tighten and adjust everything.

  • Testing and product creation.

  • Cut out pieces for the 'TuxTruck' bumpers.

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