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Jay the plumber. New Headers, 3inch exhaust, turbocharger.

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It seems that everything takes longer than planned, or even imagined.

I spent several hours removing the rusted header bolts, oxygen sensors, and the rest of the exhaust.

I put the new headers on, which are ceramic coated like the Flowtech headers that were on there previously. I dont know what brand the new headers are, because they were bought third-hand via craigslist. The Flowtech headers were re-sold via craigslist, along with the cat-back tubes, making the header swap a $0 cost.

So now I have a little bit larger-tube headers with a 3-inch collector. I installed them using Percy's Split-Lock stainless bolts and dead-soft aluminum gaskets. The header bolts are split on the end and have an allen set-screw. The gaskets are supposed to seal better and be re-useable. These were purchased through http://www.SummitRacing.com.

They went on ok, except for the 2nd bolt on the passenger side. It's like everything else on the truck, you can see it without obstruction, but getting a tool there is a different story. I dimpled the tube slightly, and ground/cut two wrenches to get the bolt tightend. Then I had to cut an allen wrench short to get the set-screw tightened.

I purchased some 3inch mandrel bends from http://www.Mandrel-bends.com, since no-one in Omaha seems to have a mandrel bender, and the shops that I've talked to seemed to not want to do the exhaust, by giving price estimates in the $2500 plus range.

A little bit of trading, and I have a large turbocharger. A little bit of fabrication, and it's hanging under the truck.

After some more plumbing to get the exhaust tied together, an oil line, and then some more plumbing to get the output of the turbo into the engine, we'll see how it all works out.

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