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Hail Damage and new opportunity with a 2010 Camaro.

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Hail came through on one of the few nights that I left my Black 2010 2SS/RS Camaro in the driveway, I heard it start, and ran to get it in the garage, but the damage was done that quickly.

Hood, Roof, fenders, quarters, trunk lid all damaged.



I looked at this as an opportunity to set my car out from the pack, and found an aftermarket hood and trunklid from RKSport. I looked at ordering it directly, on ebay, and got the best deal from CarID.com, and without intentionally looking for it, got an additional discount by filling the cart at work, and leaving it to purchase with a card at home. They called me later that afternoon to ask if I was having any trouble, and then added a discount code in an email for me to complete the order.


The parts were drop-shipped, and I received tracking numbers 12 days before they were actually shipped, so be patient if you go this route. abotu three weeks for them to arrive.

I went with the ram air hood part number 40011100, and the trunklid with integral spoiler, part number 40012025.

More updates to come when I find a body shop to take my money, all they had to do was give me an estimate in their company name, so I could get the bank to release the insurance check, but so far, none have given me one.


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