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E-Brake cable relocation done. Grill re-installed. Light trouble.

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A semi productive night. It can be simplified into cleaning the workbench(more time than you would think, I should probably do it more frequently), identifying parts, drilling two holes, adjusting a cable, and installing a grill.

I have finished the installation of E-Brake cable relocation bracket. Along with this, I had to re-adjust the ebrake cables. I converted the rear brakes to discs a while back, with a kit from SSBrakes. The calipers need the ebrakes adjusted correctly for them to work. I wondered why I had soft brakes for a while, then I got the adjustment correct on the ebrake cables, and it was much better.

I put the painted-black grill back in, along with new black corner lights. The Dash LEDs fit the running lights in the front, so each corner has a blue light. The turn signals will still be the stock orange, once I buy new lights for all four corners. Neither turn signal was working in the rear, and the front lights broke trying to get one out, so I am going to replace all of the bulbs, and the troubleshoot the rear. As I am writing this, I think that the rear lights may be missing a ground, since the rear bumper was removed, and the trailer socket is hanging in dead air. (smacks head)

I also put cable ends for the 'electronics' battery, so the PC will stay up until all of the software/hardware is configured. It will run continuously on a 1.5 amp trickle charger, but will not boot unless I use the 2amp charger. So the truck currently has two chargers hooked up. The large one set at 2amps, and the maintenance charger on the new main battery.

Seat belts and passenger seat installation next. With stretch goals of getting the doors covered in sound deadening, and the door panels installed.

I will either try and smooth out the dent in the lower part of the third door, or leave the sound deadening off until I get that done.

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