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Door panels in, getting close to being done with the interior.

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I have been working silently on the truck for a while. The door panels have the black leather inserts done, the lights replaced with blue LEDs in the switches and courtesy lights. MTX 6 inch speakers and tweeters are now in the doors. RAAMmat from RaamAudio.com has been applied internally to the outer door skin, and on under the door panels. New window motors have been installed while the doors were taken apart.

RaamAudio.com has a very fast order fulfillment process. I had to order another roll of Raamat and foam to finish off the doors. So the total has been three rolls of RAAMmat and 8 yards of Ensolite foam and 3.5 cans of V&S Spray Adhesive to complete the entire inside of the Full-Size Extra cab truck. I have a little bit of the RAAMmat left over, maybe a 1/4 of a roll. I'll use up a little of that in the pockets in the extra cab.

Next up is to finish a little bit of wiring, and re-install the repaired MTX 5604 Amp. Install the door sills/kick panels, and a few other misc trim pieces. Then cover and install the rest of the center console.

I have to take a break to clear out the shop, and send stuff off to the recycler.

Once the interior is complete, I'll need to make the tray to bolt down the 2nd battery, and make the bumpers. Then the hardware is done, and all that will be left will be software related.

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