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Battery Isolator installed.

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I have gotten around to purchasing and installing a battery isolator. Now the PC can be left on, without fear of not being able to start the truck when needed.

The unit I purchased was a BIC-95150B from Hellroaring Technologies. Another great company where emails are responded to, and shipping is prompt.

There is a diminishing amount of space to put things under the hood of the truck, I found an open spot under the module on the drivers side inner fender.

I also put an 80-amp fuse on each side of the BIC-95150B.

I pulled the hard drive to get it updated, so now I'll need to put it back in, buy a new deep cycle battery, and get an Idea of how long I can run the PC.

Next up: Sorting out the dual screens, HD Radio, WAP, cameras and Phidgets.

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